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Etiquette and Dress Code

Concert Programmes and Notes

Complimentary concert programmes are available at the concert venue, one hour prior to each performance.

Cameras and Audio Recorders

Cameras and other recording devices are not permitted in the auditorium.

Cellular Phones and Paging Devices

Please be sure to turn off your cellular phones, pagers, watch alarms, and other audible electronic devices before the concert begins. Please also take a break from reading or sending text messages during the performance.


Well, everyone coughs now and then. The less worried you are about coughing, the less likely you are to feel the urge. If you have a cold, take some cough medicine in advance and bring unwrapped lozenges with you. Try to cough during a loud passage of music. If it is impossible to control your cough, it is perfectly acceptable to quietly exit the auditorium. The ushers will tell you when you will be able to re-enter the hall.


Although at one time it was common to applaud at any time during the performance, modern audiences usually hold their applauses until the end of an entire piece, i.e. after the last movement has ended. If you are in doubt as to the number of movements of a composition, you can consult the concert programme for more information. You may also keep also in mind that at the end of the entire piece, the conductor will turn to the audience.

Duration of the Performance

KSO performances are usually two hours including one intermission. Some concerts are 90 minutes long and special events may be vary in length from one hour without intermission to 3 hours with two intermissions.

Dress Code

Although there is no formal dress code, most people wear business attire or dressier casual clothes.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome (MCSS)

Some people are extremely sensitive to fragrances and may develop severe allergies, asthma or other respiratory diseases. Please refrain from using any scented personal products when you attend KSO concerts.


All performances are wheelchair accessible including entrances, washrooms, and seating.

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