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Thanks to you, the Kindred Spirits Orchestra performs nine concerts per year in some of the finest concert venues in Canada: the CBC Glenn Gould Studio, the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts and the Flato Markham Theatre for the Performing Arts. Your generosity also enables us to reach out into your community, providing performing and learning opportunities for students, while enriching the lives of many people. Your donation plays a critical part in sustaining the excellence of the KSO!

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Individual Donors

$2,000 and up

Mr. John and Mrs. Diana Wu
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Carol Walsh
Mr. Jobert Sevilleno
Mr. Kristian Alexander

$1,000 and up

Mr. Don Hamilton
Mr. George Small
Mr. Samuel Lo
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Liz Houlahan
Dr. Mary Jane Esplen

$500 and up

Ms. Christina Gooding
Mr. Martin Levman
Ms. Cara Leung
Mr. Bruce Reid
Mr. Carmen Gassi
Ms. Louisa Yao

$100 and up

Mr. Rui Lu
Ms. Doris Feitler
Mr. Salvatore Vella
Ms. Li Gu
Mr. Alexander Gangurean
Mr. Giovanni Alonzi
Ms. Virginia Kuypers
Mr. Frank Strittmatter
Ms. Valentina Tchaikovsky
Mr. Rodney Gray
Mr. Robert Tilley
Mr. Leon Racine
Mr. Paul Mouradian

Mr. Leonard Corsini
Mr. Jason Maehara
Mr. Ian Kerr
Ms. Yu Ying Li
Mr. Hong Wang
Ms. Helen Graham
Ms. Mary Ruijs
Ms. Joyce MacMillan
Ms. Monique Shapiro
Mr. Aris Kassabian
Mr. Allan Ireland
Mr. Henry Zhu
Mr. Bernard Choi
$20 and up
Mrs. and Mr. Marjorie and Donald Fish
Ms. Maria Khoushnood
Ms. Mary Grande
Mr. Edwin Lang
Mr. Donald Bastian
Mr. Ignazio Genco
Ms. Young Jian Huang
Ms. Josie Arezza
Ms. Vivian Austin
Ms. Susan Carroll-Clark
Ms. Margaret Rataj

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