Volunteer Opportunities

The Kindred Spirits Orchestra offers several volunteer positions in the areas of management, operations, marketing, and patrons relations. 

Please complete the Volunteer Application Form and mail it or deliver it in person to the Kindred Symphony Orchestra Office. Alternatively, you can scan the form and send it as an attachment via e-mail to info@KSOrchestra.ca.

For more information, please call the Office of the Kindred Spirits Orchestra at 905.604.8339.

Warm thanks to our volunteers, past and present, for their valuable contributions towards the development of the KSO!

Aditya Naithani, Angela Bala, Anisa Afzal, Annie Yang, Bakhtawar Daud, Casey Lin, Cecilia Liu, Cherise Bryan, Clare Wu, Fadi Naem, Ginny Xia, Grace Yan, Helen Yin, Iris Mo, Jessica Wang, Jocelyn Liu, Karen Chen, Karen Chen, Kelly Wang, Lei Su, Maggie Tang, Maggie Xu, Mathusha Yogarajah, Mavrik Sun, Michelle Zhu, Michelle Wang, Michelle Qian, Millie Zhan, Muhan Zhang, Peter Lin, Ranly Li, Sachi Yamasaki, Saumya Seyon, Shawn Braley, Shelly Hanuka, Shery Zhao, Tiffany Chan, Vincent Li, Vivian Song

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